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Baxtteks-Farm LLC is a manufacturer of high-quality European-technology dressings and cellulose.
The company is one of the industry leaders in Uzbekistan and successfully exports its production to the countries of the Near and Far Abroad.
Baxtteks-Farm LLC was established in 2010.
The project was fully implemented in 2013. The manufacturing complex is located in Syrdarya region, the city of Baht. The complex includes production workshops for the production of yarn, gauze, dressings, hygiene products and cellulose.
The equipment of industrial premises is realized by German, Italian, Turkish and Chinese companies. Baxtteks-Farm LLC uses for bleaching products chemical reagents from well-known European, Turkish and Chinese manufacturers.
Baxtteks-Farm LLC includes:
Spinning production;
Bleaching site;
Production of dressings and hygiene products;
Production of medical cotton;
Pulp production;
The company has implemented and maintains quality management systems: ISO: 9001, ISO: 13485.
The company’s mission is to care for the health of the people through the production of high-quality medical devices. Baxtteks-Farm LLC invests and will invest in the technologies necessary for the successful development of production in order to saturate the market with high-quality dressings and cellulose.
The company’s vision is to have a reputation as the best domestic manufacturer of medical devices, which means:
• Employees take pride in team success
• We are attractive in the labor market
• Clients and suppliers seek to cooperate with us.
• Competitors respect us
• Owners satisfied with the results



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